New students 6 weeks of classes for $69! Uniform included! Expires 6/30/2019

Tai Chi for health

Welcome to our new class, Tai Chi for health. The class centers on the short form and gentle chi kung exercises for health. 

Now available on Wednesday's  at 700 PM. No appointment needed, just come on in and  bring a friend!

Pay by the class. 

5201 Seminole Blvd Suite 1

Seminole (Bay Pines) 33708

727 343 3656

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Welcome to Tai Chi

Are you looking for mobility, health, and general well being? 

Are you not in the best of shape, or have physical issues?


TAI CHI is gentle physical exercise and mindfulness.  Tai chi has shown through the ages it can improve your balance, fitness, flexibility and may cut the risk of falls in older people. 

Each class is based on the students abilities, so  you do not need to ever worry about keeping up. Tai chi is a gentle exercise. 

Mental benefits include reduction in the following:

stress, anxiety, and depression.  

Come on in and give us a try! Bring a friend! 

Tai chi classes

Semi private group class

Are you a little apprehensive about doing tai chi at the rec center in front of those strangers? Well this will ease your mind, as we offer a comfortable, air conditioned small group training expierence. It's all about relax and renew your body and mind. 

Pay by the class

No stress pay by the class and enjoy our training .

Tai chi for health

Our class meets each Wednesday at 700pm.

The cost is 10.00 per class, pay by the class.

How long is the class? 

Approximately  1 hour.

All classes are taught by certified knowledgeable, experienced instructor, so relax and enjoy.