New students 6 weeks of classes for $69! Uniform included! Expires 6/30/2019

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 "Went in tired, came out energized. " N.S.

I began training with Sensei Clarke when I was 10 years old. After the last 8 years, I am convinced that pursuing the martial arts was one of the best decisions I ever made.” C. Hahn     

  “I highly recommend the Muso Bugei Kai Warrior Arts dojo to anyone looking to gain a total martial arts education. It is especially beneficial to any parent looking to share something unique with their children which would continue throughout their lives. “  T. A. D. Federal Law enforcement     

Program Information

All new students receive semi private training to prepare them for class and be comfortable. 

  Parents: Looking for a safe, fun, rewarding activity for your entire family? Is this a safe activity? Yes, Martial Arts training is safer than most school sports

 I have asthma, will this help me? Yes we have many student over the years as well as studies, that have seen considerable improvement In their overall health.  

My child has trouble focusing, will this be addressed? Yes, our classes and programs are structured developing discipline and focus.

 “I don't want to be bullied?” Our classes contain those skills and lessons on anti bully methods for children and parents.

  Can this help me improve my grades? Yes, our program motivates students in this direction.

 I work hard, will this help with the stress? Yes training can motivate as well as relieve academic and work related stress. This has been proven through many medical and university studies. 

  Mental and social benefits include the following: 

Learning abilities -Goal setting -Discipline-Camaraderie -Self-esteem -Respect -Calming.                                           


 If so, then give  martial arts a try! At our Family Martial Arts Center we focus on the martial arts not the money! You’ll just love the quality time you get to spend with your children, as all of you practice together as a family. And parents, imagine how fast your child will excel when you become involved too.  

Fitness, focus, confidence, and self-defense, the skills we teach will benefit your family forever. Plus, our school offers families:         

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How do I get started? Eight weeks of classes and a FREE uniform for just $198! enroll today! Your initial lesson will be a personal orientation that will prepare and familiarize you with the curriculum, before your first group class.

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our programs

Ryu Kyu Martial Arts

Our Okinawan Shorin Ryu Seminole Dojo program, is founded on the principles of teaching excellence, positive role models, and a rich tradition of Okinawan Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate-jutsu and Kobudo. This system roots are founded deep in the Ryu Kyu Martial Arts traditions and systems of martial technique. Our Instructors will provide you with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential. With over 30 years experience, 25 years teaching, and a school owner since 1996, our Program Quality Director and our Senior Instructors, have been successful in helping students of all ages and abilities to discover the benefits of martial arts training for themselves.

  All Instructors are nationally and internationally certified. Each year our instructors and students, attend education with international/national Masters, and training camps to further their teaching skills and personal education. Muso Bugei Kai inc. “A Family Martial Arts In Seminole Center” is more than just martial arts and self defense. It is by far the most comprehensive and exciting martial arts program in our area. Teachings with the emphasis on "Character Development" and personal growth, not just martial arts ability. 

Authentic Training In: Combative Ground Tactics, Standing Tactics,  Internal Energy Development, A Comprehensive Weapons System -Known as Kobudo. 

  Do you train currently, or have a Black Belt in another style? We have many students with experience, or rank in other styles. Our transition program will ease you into our training curriculum. 

 We also have a very successful instructors program available to prepare future Black Belt instructors, and master level instructors, Internationally certified. Okinawan shorinryu in Seminole

Self Defense/Shorin Ryu


Awareness and self defense exercise drills are taught from the first class. Self defense skill is a build up process. From being grabbed or punched  as well as awareness development skills you will receive a complete 

comprehensive skill set. 

Risk Reduction · Awareness-Prevention · Basic Self Defense · Advanced Self Defense    

White Crane And Weapons Program


  Ancient weapons training, complements the student’s empty hand skills, and is not separated as most modern teachings follow. The weapons and empty hand work collectively, increasing focus, control, and accelerated development. We have a documented curriculum for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of training. Most weapons were based on farm implements, household items and everyday tools, but not all. This concept of “everyday tool” can be used in today’s world as well. 

 White Crane  also possesses numerous weapons, as well as a complete knowledge of the grappling, seizing, joint locking, and throwing arts along with a total knowledge of pressure point striking.White Crane is a highly effective combative art, it is also an excellent form of exercise that strives to improve the overall health of the one who diligently practices it.