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About Our Dojo


  What Do We Practice?

The style we train in is called a traditional family martial art Chugokyu Machimura Ryu, with roots based on the indigenous martial arts of Okinawa and its cultural exchange with ancient China. Okinawa is the father, China is the mother. 


Our mission is to “raise the standards of martial arts as a science ”, by providing the highest quality martial arts training possible. We do this, not by mass production, but by personalizing the training to the individual, based on their goals. We take great pride in the quality of training, and the quality of our students character. Traditionally, martial arts training is not limited to what one does within the Dojo. The discipline, self control, honor and code of conduct inevitably spills over into our daily lives and is always with us.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain the lineage and integrity of our style by training serious students, as well as educate the public about what the true nature of martial arts training and our understanding of this art, as we grow as individuals. 


Our transition program 

Do you train currently, or have a Black Belt in another style? 

We have many students with experience, or rank in other styles. Our transition program will ease you into our training curriculum. Programs are inclusive of weapons, empty hand, and white crane arts. We also have a very successful instructors program available to prepare future Black Belt instructors, and master level instructors, Internationally certified


Adult Self Defense


 We Off All Ages Self Defense in Seminole Programs:


Adult “Real “ Self Defense Our Beginner Adult Program and classes, are for students of all fitness levels. Our classes will complement your fitness, strength and health, all the while you will learn Real Self- Defense. This program has a depth well beyond your expectations. Karatejutsu Is The Oldest of the Okinawan/Chinese Systems. 


Basic & Advanced Self Defense in Seminole for all ages at the Family Martial Arts in Seminole.

· Strikes, Joint Locks

· Throws/Sweeps, Low Kicking Take Downs

· Weapons -Kobujutsu

· Health & Internal Energy Development

· Increase Strength Through Discipline

· Increase Physical Speed With Technique

· Increase Efficiency Of Targeting

· Increase Stamina/Conserve Power

· Martial Arts As A Science/Physics

· Effective Proven Self Defense  Applications 

Every program is unique to fit the students needs, and abilities.

þ Our oldest student is 72 years old

“The techniques taught are of real practical use as is evident to me, based on my law enforcement training. “ T A.D.

We Also Offer for women:

Risk Reduction-Awareness-Prevention 

Our White Crane Program



Hakutsuru White Crane

The term “Hakutsuru” literally means “White Crane”, and actually refers to an ancient system of martial arts from which many of the existing styles of Kung-Fu, Karatejutsu, were derived from.

The White Crane system itself was originally known as Fukien White Crane, which came from the Shaolin Temple in Fukien China Many styles of Kung-Fu & Karatejutsu trace their origins back to the Fukien Shaolin Temple. As well as many styles of Karate that were later developed on Okinawa and then to Japan are either directly descended or were greatly influenced by Fukien White Crane.


Kobujutsu Weapons Program



Kobudo– Kobujutsu ”Old Martial Way”   ancient weapons training, complements the student’s empty hand skills, and is not separated as most modern teachings follow. The weapons and empty hand work collectively, increasing focus, control, and accelerated development. We have a documented curriculum for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of training. Most weapons were based on farm implements, household items and everyday tools, but not all. This concept of “everyday tool” can be used in today’s world as well. Over 19 weapons are the base of the system:

Until approximately one hundred years ago, weapons were taught first and the empty hand arts second. Today this order is reversed, due to the change in society as a whole. 

Our teaching methods embrace the knowledge of the past, and maintain the quality of the old traditions and how they relate to each other. We explore the ancient martial science of the correlation of empty hand and weapon arts as a whole, not separate philosophy. 

Your first training weapon is the six foot staff known as the “Bo staff”, or rokushaku. This weapon will give you the basic skills leading to an understating of the hand weapons that are smaller. The “bo” will also develop the knowledge of the relationship between empty hand and weapon arts. This relationship between the weapons and empty hand are unique to this style of Okinawan Martial Arts as a system.

What is our program based in?



Okinawan Shaolin/Shorin Ryu -The Ryu Kyu chain of islands are located at the southern most tip of Japan, and are known today as Okinawa Prefecture. Okinawa is the birth place of Te (tuide) and is recognized today by millions of communities, by the modern name of Karate. Karate (also known as Tode, Uchinada) evolved in Okinawa over  two centuries ago into our modern world, through the efforts of a man named Bushi Matsumura. Matsumura and his family, taught and practiced secretly the ancient Chinese Arts of  Shaolin, Te, Kobujutsu & White Crane Kung-Fu. Bushi Matsumura had many prominent students that continued to carry on his teachings.

As the art of Karate/China Hand  began to develop geographically on Okinawa, different styles or methods of training in Karate-Do also began to develop. Today Karatejutsu is divided primarily into three (3) main styles. These different styles present different theories & concepts of training.

The Old-World Style of Okinawan/Chinese Shaolin/Shorin-Ryu Karatejutsu China Hand  system is presently being taught in the St. Petersburg area at Muso Bugei Kai Warrior Arts in it’s entirety. This authentic system consist of training methods in :1.White Crane, Internal energy <health>


 3.Shaolin-Shorin Ryu, Empty hand self defense applications.

Come in and train with us, we feel your participation, will give you a true impression of the our studio and classes. This system is the cornerstone of many new age martial arts, and styles. 


Each program contains discounts, private lessons, extra classes, special uniforms, and classes contained in the chosen program. Your program choice can be fully explained to you by an instructor. Course structure as follows:

· Basic Student Beginner Level Program

· Advanced Student Program

· Instructor Student Renshi Program 

.“The real martial arts covers all points of life. The Sensei's or students had never discouraged me. I had been told from the start that if I was willing to learn they were willing to teach (train) me. Still Studying” Shirley Shields September 27, 2004

What Is Rank?



What Is Rank?

· Rank in our academy is based on knowledge and skill, not money.

·  The belts symbolize information contained in the curriculum and taught in levels very much like school, or grades. 

· Black Belts are seniors ready to pursue martial arts college, and expand their education.

· Our teaching curriculum is documented and followed closely in order for each student to reach their personal goals and develop proficient skill levels.

· Rank is based on a individual evaluation. We are all unique, and have different needs in training, this is taken into account in your training.

· The longer you train you may want to change your goals and direction. We have programs available in the future to help you reach personal goals.

We recommend that you review your goals in the future. Get with an instructor and make a decision with their guidance.