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"Quality Martial Arts" Students Comes First. Inspirational: modern world self defense, character development,  and fitness.

Six weeks of classes and a FREE uniform for just $69.00!

Modern Training Studio

  •  We are located at 5201 Seminole Blvd. suite 1-2 in St. Petersburg Florida 33708, Telephone 727-343-3656.

 Our location is in the Bay Pines area near the Bay Pines Veterans Hospital. We are close to the Beaches, Seminole, Largo, St Petersburg, and Pinellas Park. We have students that travel to our location from the Gulf Port area, Parrish, Tampa and Gibsonton. 

  •  Age-appropriate curriculum -Special family classes-  Family oriented activities- Affordable family rates .    

We offer a variety of programs for quality and personal growth. An instructor can discuss your personal choices with you. Our door is always open to listen, and help our students with their growth in training. 

1. Basic Program—For Beginners Adults and Children 

2. Premium Program– Advanced students, with additional training opportunities.

3. Family Program-Well rounded curriculum for the whole family. The whole family trains for one low price unlimited members from same household.

4. Instructor Program-Advanced students who would like to teach, or expand their current leadership abilities or personal training.

  Do you train currently, or have a Black Belt in another style? We have many students with experience, or rank in other styles. Our transition program will ease you into our training curriculum.

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Our Philosophy

 Muso Bugei Kai inc. Studio was founded on the principles of teaching excellence, positive role models, and a rich tradition of Okinawan Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo. Our Instructors will provide you with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential. Our instructors have over 30 years experience, and 23 years as a school owner,(Since 1996) and teaching since 1983, our Director, has been successful in helping students of all ages and abilities to discover the benefits of martial arts training for themselves. 

We provide programs that are a complete system of self defense and internal health training. The white crane program is available for a continued education of your martial arts depth and knowledge. White Crane is the base of many modern systems in practice today world wide. It can complete your martial arts, regardless of the system you practice. However it does complement the Okinawan martial arts, on a whole new level.

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Muso Bugei Kai inc. family martial arts

5201 Seminole Blvd, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33708, United States

(727) 343-3656


All new students receive personal training to prepare their comfort level for classes. We offer Family training classes.

Private lesson available by appointment with hourly rates.

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